Bring together mayhem and beauty through Urban Photography. We’ll show you a world you miss in everyday life.

As an urban photographer, Ms. Topchii works to be the eyes of the world and makes it her mission to portray our surroundings. The American population is one of the most varied in the world but we often only see what we know or only focus on the mayhem we hear. Ms. Topchii sorts all the chaos of the world into images which bring clarity. She is an artist who vividly calls attention to people and places that are often unseeable from most viewers’ own patch of their universe. By reexamining and redefining the images of the men, women and children, her photography allows us to gain a new perspective.Ms. Topchii is enchanted by the stories of individuals and how those stories fit into the world around us. With her photography, she captures life as it happens. She brings a vision of society from different angles, while bringing the human being into focus. Where we hear sirens and frustrations of city life, she sees a beautiful tale to be seized in the moment. Life is fleeting and Ms. Topchii’s photography captures its transience.