We all love independence. When you don’t want to rely on anyone to snap a gorgeous shot of yourself (whether it’s for a dating profile, instagram or just a memory you want to capture) below are tips on how to take the best selfie and display your perfect side:


  • Hold the phone high

When you hold your phone high, you don’t see an unsightly chin or imperfections that are visible in closeups. You’re able to capture the ideal angle that will make your beauty shine.


  1. Raise your chin slightly

Raising your chin will tighten the bottom of your face and elongate the neck, making for a model look.


  1. Work with the sun

If the sun is too bright, you can position your body slightly to one side so it doesn’t blind your eyes and you’re left squinting.


  1. Set a timer 

A timer will ensure you can step away from your phone to capture your full body and/or surroundings.

  1. Don’t use flash 

Photos tend to look better in natural light. A flash will make your pictures look flat and won’t highlight your glow. Ideally, selfies should be taken during the day.


  1. Be original

Stay away from tacky poses such as fish faces. This is an outdated, unoriginal trend that should rest in peace.

  1. Smile genuinely

Think of something that makes you happy and smile at the thought or memory. Your natural positive energy will come through on the photo.


  1. Don’t take a picture in front of a  mirror

It’s better to use the forward facing camera or a timer and stand away from the phone than have views of the phone and mirror reflection with awkward lighting that is caused by the mirror.


  1. Pick your best side 

Faces are never perfectly symmetrical and everyone has their best side. You can tilt your head slightly to accentuate that side. Since the benefit of a selfie is that you see yourself, play around by turning your face at different angles and choose the one you like best.


  1. Stand on tiptoes 

Standing on tiptoes will give you better posture, more definition, and accentuate your curves – essentially the same way your body would look if you were wearing heels.


  1. Look at the camera

This may be a no-brainer but too many people look at the screen and wonder why they can’t get a good selfie. Look at the actual camera part of the phone and not the screen.



  1. Hold your phone horizontally

Holding the phone horizontally will allow you to capture the background, making for a more interesting photo and capture the memories of your surroundings. 


  1. Get a light ring

This handy gadget will give you soft light diffusion and brightness for an ideal photo. A lot of light rings have different levels of brightness so you can adjust accordingly. They’re pretty easy to use and you can buy them on Amazon for a low cost. 


  1. Get a ring holder

A ring holder is a handy accessory to make sure you have a good grip on your phone and can hold it comfortably. This goes not just for selfies, but for general use. They’re sold just about anywhere. 


  1. Remember the rule of 1/3rd

Splitting the photo mentally so that the most important element (you) will take up a 3rd of the photo, will not only allow you to capture the scenery, but make for a well-balanced and interesting photo. So many people use center-vertical photos that these pictures are simply overdone (bringing us back to “be original”).